From the initial conception to upload, this project took two months to complete.
I shot, cut and graded the entire music video with a skeleton crew of three people including the artists.

This project was a huge learning curve as I learned to use the a stabilizing system, controlling a pack of
30 extras, logistics, production delays, pre-production, working with artists with unique set of mentalities,
weather issues, personal issues, schedule conflict, rental, budget and list goes on.

This film is also a bit unconventional for me as I'm used to the handheld documentary shooting style.

Agency: Keko London
Producer: Tori Devgun
Creative Director: Paul Zeidler
Account Manager: Lisa Koba

Agency: HBO Documentary Films

Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Production: A Passion Pictures, Motto Pictures Production

Director: Greg Barker

Producers: Nancy Abraham, John Battsek, Julie Goldman, Greg Barker

Based on the book by Peter Bergen
Editing: The Mill

Editor: Luke Kraman
VFX & Design
VFX & Design: The Mill

Executive Producer: Stephen Venning, Mill+

VFX Producers: Adam Reeb, Lusia Boryczko

Design / Creative Director: Manija Emran

Animation: Justin Sucara, Andrew Marks, Victor Duncan
Jr. Animator: Kyle Moore
Production Coordinator: Krissy Estrad

Music Video
The Poster
Production Still

Production still
June 2015

Once more, but in a new and cold and penetrating light, I watched all the lives of stars and worlds, and of the galactic communities, and of myself, up to the moment wherein now I stood, confronted by the infinity that men call God, and conceive according to their human cravings.

I, too, now sought to capture the infinite spirit, the Star Maker, in an image spun by my own finite though cosmical nature. For now it seemed to me, it seemed, that I suddenly outgrew the three-dimensional vision proper to all creatures, and that I saw with physical sight the Star Maker.
I saw, though nowhere in cosmical space, the blazing source of the hypercosmical light, as though it were an overwhelmingly brilliant point, a star, a sun more powerful than all suns together.

It seemed to me that this effulgent star was the center of a four-dimensional sphere whose curved surface was the three-dimensional cosmos. This star of stars, this star that was indeed the Star Maker, was perceived by me, its cosmical creature, for one moment before its splendor seared my vision. And in that moment I knew that I had indeed seen the very source of all cosmical light and life and mind; and of how much else besides I had as yet no knowledge.
June 2006