Unscripted  series


I made this short visual portrait of my music producer friend Joey. I was at his place for dinner with his father on a summer evening and fell in love with the gigantic window spilling a shade of golden light. What started as a conversation on his upcoming projects ended up being a monologue.

A raw visual portrait of portrait tattoo artist Mara Delrose. I filmed this piece at her studio while she was working on completing a charcoal portrait of the poet, Dante Alighieri. Afterwards, she posed with her custom studded vintage deep sea diving helmet. Nothing pretentious.

A raw visual portrait of Samantha Molnar. I filmed this piece in the corridor of my studio under a
stripe of standard industrial fluorescent light. Nothing pretentious.

Voice over by Tom O'Bedlam
Words by Charles Bukowski
Music by Jeff Russo

A raw visual portrait of Janika Spooner. I filmed this piece in the parking garage of my studio under one industrial parking garage light. Nothing pretentious.

Music by Mica Levi